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Shaun White’s Favorite Food? Chinese!

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Shaun White Rings The NYSE Closing Bell

Olympic gold medalist and snowboarder Shaun White was interviewed on celebrity gossip show The Insider tonight and quizzed about his favorite things.

Favorite food? “Chinese food,” he said.

We are so proud he picked an Asian cuisine. But it’s too bad the interviewer didn’t ask him to name his favorite dishes. What does he like? General Tso’s chicken? Beef broccoli? Fried rice? We want details!

His other favorites:

Favorite musician: Jimmy Page

Favorite TV show: Lost

Reality show he’d most like to be on: MTV’s Jersey Shore.

White revealed he is currently single and that he is attracted to girls who sing or play instruments.

Written by Asianista

March 3, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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