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Kate Beckinsale is part Asian?

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Kate Beckinsale is part Asian. Yes, indeedy.You’d never guess, but British actress Kate Beckinsale — star of Underworld, Pearl Harbor, and all around gorgeous girl — is the tiniest bit Burmese. Her father, Richard Beckinsale was 1/4 Burmese. (His paternal grandfather was full Burmese.) Therefore, Kate Beckinsale is 1/8 Burmese.

Learning of this, one idiot reporter described Kate as “faintly sloe-eyed.”

Having never heard the term “sloe-eyed” before, I looked it up and discovered that it is defined as :

1 : having soft dark bluish- or purplish-black eyes
2 : having slanted eyes

Since Kate’s eyes are greenish-hazel, the reporter must have meant the latter definition, which is simply ridiculous, not to mention offensive.

Kate revealed that as a child, she was “very oriental looking”— “Not that there’s anything wrong with it!” she might have added — but as an adult, how can anyone say her eyes look faintly slanted? Phhhft!


Written by Asianista

July 18, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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