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Victor and Tammy Jih Win Amazing Race 14

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Tammy and Victor Jih win Amazing Race 14!

Tammy and Victor Jih win Amazing Race 14!

Thanks to Victor’s giant brain, the siblings/lawyers team have won $1 million!

Victor blew through the final challenge requiring one member of each team to piece together a dozen past challenges in chronological order. Luke and his mother Margie were in the lead going into the challenge, but Victor finished first and he and his sister Tammy got to the finish line first.

“I’m not wearing any pants!” said Tammy, while Victor struggled to hold back tears.

“I found out that the nerdy little Asian girl who could barely hold up her backpack can do quite a lot,” Tammy smiled. Victor found out that life could be interesting when you do you the unexpected.

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May 10, 2009 at 11:03 pm