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Fergie reveals how Korean church on Wilshire Blvd rescued her from meth addiction

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If you’re an Asianista, this is the sort of insanely tiny, fleeting detail that will catch your attention while watching a celebrity interview on YouTube: the passing mention of a Korean church.

After deciding to Google the lyrics to “Finally” by Fergie this morning (random, I know) I moved onto YouTube to find videos of the star singing the song. Man, can Fergie sing! One thing led to another—as things have a tendency to do when you’re procrastinating on the Internet—and I found an interview of her on the Tyra Banks Show from January 2008.

Fergie talks about her prior addiction to methamphetamine and then—at 4:59 into the YouTubevideo—she talks about the most hellish point in her life when she was high on meth and thought the FBI was after her.

“I went into a Korean church on Wilshire [Boulevard in Los Angeles], I still smile whenever I pass it…and I prayed to God to help me…”

God was listening, told her to get her herself together and start using the gifts he had given her.

Having grown up being forced to go to Korean Catholic mass every Sunday, I’m usually not fond of these Korean churches because it seems they’re always trying to recruit me to go to their services. But I was surprised by a tiny sliver of pride when Fergie mentioned the Korean church. Then I wondered, Fergie knows how to read hangul?

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April 23, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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Why is Padma Lakshmi naked?

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Padma Lakshmi in Allure Magazine, May issue

I really don’t care to see Padma Lakshmi naked. Especially since she is most well-known for hosting a certain food competition show. (I don’t want to picture naked people and food together.) “I tend to sleep in the nude,” Lakshi tells Allure Magazine (we imagine, in her slurred speech). Now, I guess we get to peek at what Salman Rushdie got to look at for the three years they were married, before she dumped him after getting famous on Top Chef.

Padma Lakshmi and Salman Rushdie when they were married.   Is that why he looks so smug in these photos? Or is that his natural expression?

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April 13, 2009 at 11:08 pm